Perth’s Premier Automotive Resource.

The Best automotive website in Perth? we like to think so, and if you don’t, lol – show us something better!

The Mpire-One team worked tirelessly on the Perth’s Finest website to not only create something truly unique and beautiful but something that goes beyond functional and provides exceptional value to the Perth’s Finest team and viewers.

With a ton of hidden features and member benefits, this site is truly a work of art, boasting over 60 web pages, deferent access levels and completely e-commerce ready, making for a complete user-friendly and intuitive experience.

What we were tasked with:

  • From logo to website, we were tasked with coming up with a brand guide, corporate I.D and digital footprint for Perth’s Finest
  • Website – an automotive directory and news style site, with a member area. this site had to be something extra special and provide a memorable experience for all visitors while at the same time focused around providing value to the Perth Car Culture and Community.
  • Provide all printed materials, from businesses cards to expo signage.
  • Manage and maintain digital marketing aspects, form e-newsletters and subscribers to member benefits.
  • With a solid foundation and operating plan, Perth’s Finest has come a long way but we are excited to be involved on a few un-announced and top-secret projects coming soon!

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